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  1. Born 1991, Viseu, Portugal

    Lives and works in London

    I'm currently on my 2nd year of an MA Print at the Royal College of Art in London. I've studied intensively classical singing alongside my art studies.

    I’m interested in finding the place where the lucid dream and the poetic thought live. Through that research I'm also trying to find some of the meeting points between image and sound. The activity that occurs in that unknown place of poetry gives me a lot of space for experimentation and the possibility of conjecturing worlds, faraway neighbourhoods, half lost in the depthness of imagination. I’m placing my 'odd' worlds on different stages, exploring what distinct ideas they invoke. My connection with the stage is always alive in these explorations; on and off stage mean the same thing. I enjoy the planning of useless set designs, building spaces for errant stories. I am questioning my own sense of reality, understanding the narrow and un-true meaning of the word.