Teresa Arêde


Built with

  1. anti-perspective

    coloured pencil on paper

  2. tissue paper draws on zinc

    soft-ground etching

  3. tapetes/rugs

    Photographic exercise with powders and small sculptures

  4. landscape design

    Photographic exercise with powders, small clay sculptures and model parts.

  5. aesthetics of artificiality

    Sculptures in wood, clay and plaster. Pigments and various types of paints were used.

  6. on how to shape landscape

    A6 drawings, made with charcoal and graphite

  7. spreading walls

    Oil pastel on paper

  8. blind plans for landscapes

    Marks and stains made with transfer paper

  9. on ways of pretending I

    Oil pastel and oil paints on paper

  10. new objects

    oil on paper

  11. horizontal cuts

    Coloured pencil on balsa wood

  12. on ways of pretending II

    oil paint on paper